Respond to your life challenges with Inclusive wellness coaching

Respond to your life’s challenges through inclusive wellness coaching framework.

Let us explore how?

We most often spend our days effort on something that promises to enhance our following hygiene levels : Mental Hygiene, Physical Hygiene, Actions Hygiene and Group Hygiene that in turn further influences certain aspect of our health. E.g.

Sleep Enhances Mental Hygiene, which in turn Influences one’s mental health,

Routines to manage body Enhances Physical Hygiene, which in turn influences one’s physical health,

Taking actions Enhances Action hygiene, which in turn influences one’s career & economical health,

Actions’s in group context (family & society) Enhances Group Hygiene, which in turn influences Group’s overall health (mental, physical & economical)

Our life challenge could be along one or more of these hygiene levels and we are anyway putting our best effort with certain degree of success, influencing our respective health.

Generally our wellness mindset see these routines discretely, while inclusive wellness mindset views them as interconnected with one influencing the other. Hence, we start with focusing on mental hygiene with conscious mental hygiene practice and then simultaneously focus on a specific challenge that could be at any other hygiene levels.

Focusing on the challenege in an integrated way enhances our ability to respond to our current life challenges.

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