Leadership, Transformation and Life Enhancement Coach

About Me

An impassioned leader, who mentors with purpose and promotes strong relationships to create great humans and produce exceptional results. Personally, I want to serve people and make a positive impact by helping them achieve their dreams, my purpose is to enable individuals to grow beyond the limits. I want to be a coach because of following in my heart. Coaching gives one a chance to be successful as well as significant. The difference between those two is that when you die, your success comes to an end. When you are significant, you continue to help others be successful long after you are gone. Significance lasts many lifetimes. That is why people teach, why people lead, and why people coach.


Hari is a motivated achiever with over 17+ years of significant and progressive IT consulting experience in Pharma, Life Science, Printing and other industries in senior management role. I believe that there is something to be learned from all of life’s experiences. We can harness those lessons and not only grow from them but help others grow also. We have the power to influence, motivate, and impact our family, friends, coworkers, and business teams in a positive way.


Hari’s strength is the combination of business focus, engineering approach and the experience of what it takes to help organizations and individuals change. He applies his outcome-oriented coaching approach both in team coaching as well as in individual coaching situations.

Certification and Credentials

• Erickson Certified Coach
• Certified Advanced Pranic healer
• Education – PGDBA

Coaching Niche

Having worked with IT consulting, manufacturing, IT/communications, Pharma, Life Science, Printing and other industries, this individual’s coaching expertise lies in leadership, executive, and team performance coaching as well as:
• Cultural transformation
• Strategic business coaching
• Career Transformation
• Life Enhancement

During the coaching session, you will feel supported, listened to, empowered, and motivated to keep taking the next step. I have a strong intuition and am driven by a reserved and quiet strength. This accountability and focus allow me to expertly guide you through changing personal and business environments, ambiguity, and daily roadblocks.

Type of Coaching Offered:
Executive Coaching
Crisis Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Systemic Coaching
Team Coaching
Youth Coaching
Group Coaching
Offers Virtual Sessions: Yes
1am - 4am GMT
4am - 7am GMT
7am - 10am GMT
10am - 1pm GMT
1pm - 4pm GMT
4pm - 7pm GMT
7pm - 10pm GMT
10pm - 1am GMT
Specialties: Transformation and Life Enhancement Coach