Crisis Coaching for Humanitarians

Working in refugee resettlement as an intensive case management professional has shown me that anyone will thrive when they have:

  1. Proper tools
  2. Appropriate support
  3. The right MIND

MIND is an acronym I created that means (Mindset, Intention, eNergy, and Drive) which we will dive much further into during our sessions.

Most of us already have one or two parts of the overall equation, but it is when you combine all three that you begin to see the magic.

By far, the most interesting pattern I’ve found, is that my refugee clients usually have the MIND, but lack the appropriate tools and support -whereas my stateside clients have plenty of tools and support, but not the right MIND.. interesting, right?!

This is especially true during times of crisis. The part of our brain that responds to stress begins working overtime, blocking out most rational thought. The energy imbalance throws off your mindset and can stop your drive (hence the term, paralyzed with fear).

It’s critical to establish a means of acquiring tools and support, while nurturing your MIND.

I’ll leave you with a personal example to help illustrate all the moving parts:

M: I will see my lack of knowledge as an opportunity to research and not as a personal failure. I will not be discouraged by a small client base.

I: I intend to provide strengths-based coaching, implementing state of the art tools and resources, developing the MIND, and establishing a client support system.

N: Calm and Focused; Encouraging but Firm

D: Schedule follow-ups and send summary emails. Before next meeting, send more practical information to digest. Schedule time in calendar for more coaching research.

Tools: Information gained through my training, from mentors, and past experiences.

Support: Trainers, mentors, peers, family and friends

I truly hope you find the right coach for you- even if it isn’t me! Connecting with the right individual can create powerful change in your life. Best of luck with your goals and good on you for taking the next step by scrolling through my post!

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