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Flexibility, versatility and resilience are the qualities in business, people and relationships that will get us through the global crisis we're facing at the moment.

Cultivating these qualities is essential in our changing world and will help us build the confidence to reach our goals and build the lives we dream of - regardless of what we may face in the future.

Coaching is a wonderful tool to support you through this process.

My name is Candice, my life has been characterized by uncertainty and change, which makes me feel like I've been gearing up for this pandemic my whole life :)

Of course my uncertainty and change were choices that I made - the choice to travel as much as possible whenever I had the chance, the choice to unpack my emotional 'baggage' and deal with it on a regular basis and a myriad other choices which led me to a host of life experiences which all inform my coaching style and add value to my relationships.

I also started and ran my own business in the online world for 8 years before selling it in early 2018 to move into coaching. So I know and understand the challenges of having your own business as well as what it's like to shoulder the responsibility of decision making, amongst other things.

I'm also a yoga teacher, I find immense value in mindfulness and bring tools I've learned from my experience with both, into my life. I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend, a boss, a marketing specialist - and the list goes on because no one thing characterizes who I am.

If anything here resonates with you then get in touch!

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Specialties: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, relationships (with the self, with friends and with partners)