Passion + Purpose Mentorship Discovery Call

With the profound changes happening across our planet, everyone pressing pause, sheltered-at-home and going within, you may have more questions than ever before:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
How do I make our world a better place?

We're experiencing the largest awakening in mass consciousness in the history of the human race. The familiar systems and structures we relied upon on for our sense of safety and security are tumbling down around us. Certainly an uncertain and uncomfortable phase.

Yet even amongst the chaos, we're witnessing a rebirth. Think about every person you've observed who's stepping forward to help others. How the collective energy rapidly shifted from polarization and division into empathy and solidarity as we all face the same danger.

My dear empaths, lightworkers and conscious leaders, this is the shift we've all been waiting for.

It's normal to be confused, fearful and also hopeful at this time. The meditation, spiritual study, somatic movement, healing and daily practices you've been engaging in, prepared you for this moment. Even if you're not sure right now how to help.

Just be still and take care of you.

Hold sacred space for the emerging potential of our world.

Imagine your light shining out as a ray across our planet.

I help intuitive empaths, lightworkers and conscious leaders to unveil their soul mission and step into their life purpose.

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