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My 20-year journey with personal development, advanced meditation, and pressing through fear has enabled me to permanently overcome past struggles with ADHD and anxiety without the need for any medication. My spiritual, emotional, physical, cognitive awareness practices and study of intuitive wisdom have been crucial to my transformation and life success.

I'm passionate about my mission to help others unleash their potential through self-reflection and action-based practices. To align with my core values, I operate from a foundation of ancient wisdom, emotional intelligence, and an understanding of neuroscience, integrated with ICF coaching competencies and ethics.

One of my driving interests in coaching is the satisfaction of witnessing others overcome limiting beliefs, increasing their self-worth, improving relationships, and leading a more purposeful life.

Coaching Experience:
- Life Coaching
- Business Coaching
- Teenager Coaching
- Executive Coaching
- Relationship Coaching
- Personal Transformation Coaching

Many years studying the world's most successful people and businesses has helped me create and launch multiple companies. I currently serve as Chief Visionary Officer for a multimillion-dollar technology services organization I co-founded in 2016.

I volunteer my time as a board member of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board, Team-Culture Advisor; and leading personal transformation groups at City Tribe Church in Downtown San Antonio, as Assistant Lead for non-profit personal success programs in Austin Texas, and various other community initiatives.

Looking forward to helping you realize your true potential!!!

Be the change,

Javier Guerra

Type of Coaching Offered:
Executive Coaching
Crisis Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Systemic Coaching
Team Coaching
Youth Coaching
Group Coaching
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Current Employer: TechQuarry, Chief Visionary Officer/Co-Founder