Ikigai Coach for professionals

Namaste! Thank you for stopping by. Do you find yourself in an unfulfilled career? Do you wish to grow meaningfully in your current job? Do you feel stressed or demotivated? Would you like to find a career or direction that aligns with your values and vision for life?

Having transitioned careers myself to discover my Ikigai in Coaching, I find myself to have both the life experience and skills as an ICF certified Coach (ACC) to help you through the same journey.

You can expect to find clarity, purpose, strengths and ways to make impact through our coaching conversations.

Why hire me?

I have transitioned from a successful career in sales and marketing leadership of over 11 years to Coaching in the last 2 years.

I started as a qualified Engineer before moving into managerial roles. Post an MBA degree from IIM Bangalore, I started off on a high potential career track with a large Indian multinational company. I enjoyed the diverse roles, working with people, steep learning curve and ever increasing responsibilities. Yet there came a point when I felt unfulfilled. Through Coaching and self work, I discovered my Ikigai in Coaching - serving people through one conversation at a time.

Having been through this period of confusion and chaos myself, I can connect with those who are in a similar situation. My corporate career gave me the skills to lead with empathy, learn continuously and achieve my goals in high stress environments. My training as a certified Yoga instructor, Reiki Grandmaster and holistic practitioner gifted me deep listening and compassionate presence.

I would be happy to connect with you if you think I can partner with you.


  • ICF certified Coach (ACC)
  • PGDM (IIM Bangalore)
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (S-VYASA)
  • Reiki Grandmaster
  • Founder - www.beinglight.in

What I can help you with

I have worked as a sales and marketing professional. Also, I am a trained mindfulness expert. If you are looking for any of these, do reach out:
- Find your Ikigai
- Career transition
- Career growth
- Business accelerator for entrepreneurs
- Work life balance
- Self mastery
- Wellness coaching
- Mindfulness practices for daily life
- Spiritual coaching

I would be happy to partner with you. Let's have a chat to see our fit.


Type of Coaching Offered:
Executive Coaching
Crisis Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Systemic Coaching
Team Coaching
Youth Coaching
Group Coaching
Coach's Credential:
EMCC Foundation
EMCC Practitioner
EMCC Senior Practitioner
EMCC Master Practitioner
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Current Learner
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Not Affiliated with Coacharya
Offers Virtual Sessions: Yes
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4am - 7am GMT
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1pm - 4pm GMT
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7pm - 10pm GMT
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Current Employer: Being Light
Specialties: Ikigai, Career growth, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Career transitions, Work life balance