Professional Development, Leadership, Performance, Transformation

FIRST STEPS: this may be your first time looking for a coach, or you may be looking for a match for your business, whatever your reason for reading this, as a first step, please get in touch with me for an informal chat to understand what you are looking for and how I can help you.

MY BACKGROUND: I have been primarily operating as an internal coach within my roles in the UK Public Sector, now as an independent. My coaching approach particularly focussed on transformational and solution focussed coaching, growing team performance, developing and coaching leaders and emerging leaders, apprentices and graduates.

I combine my coaching skills with my change experience to to improve team and individual performance and guide organisations to consider change holistically.

I help people get better at what they do; to understand themselves and their impact, to create positive and motivational environments and help leaders connect with and engage their people.

I combine my broad professional and life experiences with sound coaching methodologies to help you realise your full potential and overcome the blocks you find along the paths you travel.

What my last boss said about me 'Beverley inspires others to achieve and succeed through insight, positivity and ability to influence change through others. She is self-aware and emotionally intelligent and is passionate about developing people to help them realise their potential and understand themselves better'. Director, Civil Service

What you can expect from me as a coach:

COACHING STYLE: As a coach Beverley is described as: seeing in others what they can’t always see in themselves.

She likens her coaching style to ‘clearing the mist from a windscreen to help people see clearly the road ahead’.

Beverley creates a relaxed, supportive environment for her clients, whilst at the same time challenging them to search within themselves for the answers they already have and to explore outside their perceived limitations.

Her coaching style is often challenging and practical, helping her clients to identify clear, achievable actions and unlock their potential to succeed. Her background in leadership and organisation development means she is happy to step in to a more directional role and provide guidance if both agree it to be appropriate .

Beverley draws on a full tool box of tools and techniques which she combines with her extensive experience gained working in complex change environments as well as her own rich life experiences. She has experienced working and living in different countries and cultures and is sensitive to the beliefs and values of her clients.

She brings her passion for life into her coaching to help others engage and achieve and build confidence to quickly identify what need to be done to help individuals or 'groups' get where they want to be.

Type of Coaching Offered:
Executive Coaching
Crisis Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Systemic Coaching
Team Coaching
Youth Coaching
Group Coaching
Coach's Credential:
EMCC Foundation
EMCC Practitioner
EMCC Senior Practitioner
EMCC Master Practitioner
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Offers Virtual Sessions: Yes
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Current Employer: Self Employed
Specialties: Specialises in : -• Leadership Development -• Personal Development -• Career and Role Transition -• Managing uncertainty and change • Dealing with conflict and difficult situations (with self and others) -• Taking Hard Decisions • Improving work/life balance • Helping managers become leaders and leaders to become the leaders they aspire to be -• Supporting the transition from one level of leadership to the next