Coaching for Leadership and Life

I coach corporate leaders/managers and emerging leaders for effectiveness in their role and making their presence felt in executive rooms by helping them develop abilities to manage priorities, be a team player, collective success mindset, see the big picture, standing for what is right and thinking like a CEO.
I coach individuals to get over their everyday dilemmas, manage and lead a balanced life and manage their relationships around values and ethics. If you are worried about life goals and priorities, needs more confidence and motivation, be happier and at peace with yourself then I can probably help you achieve what you are looking for. A short course in "Science of Happiness" add to my coaching strengths.
After about 35 years of corporate roles, I am trying to transform myself to coaching and mentoring for individual’s evolution to a better person. I am post graduate in Solid State Physics from Delhi University and a credentialed ICF ACC and EMCC EIA SP.

Type of Coaching Offered:
Executive Coaching
Crisis Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Systemic Coaching
Team Coaching
Youth Coaching
Group Coaching
Coach's Credential:
EMCC Foundation
EMCC Practitioner
EMCC Senior Practitioner
EMCC Master Practitioner
Coacharya Affiliation:
Current Learner
Associate Trainer
Not Affiliated with Coacharya
Offers Virtual Sessions: Yes
Current Employer: Self Employed