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Adam Ram Charan
Adam Ram Charan

Ram Charan - Transformational Inquiry

About the Coach

Adam Ram Charan has been passionate about exploring consciousness and human potential through meditation and healing work for decades. A native of New York​,​ he has spent the greater part of 30 years in India where he gained a deep appreciation and understanding of spiritual awareness practices and intuitive wisdom which finds expression in his practice of integrative bodywork and transformational coaching. His coaching style integrates contemporary ICF coaching competencies with a wide variety of presence-based inquiry techniques gained through a prolonged study of perennial wisdom traditions​,​ primarily from East Indian Vedic and Buddhist sources. He has a particular interest in working with those who feel called to live a life of true wisdom. Through sustained and authentic inquiry​,​ everyone can awaken the energy of pure potentiality which lies at the core of their existence. From this place of self-recognition​,​ we can navigate life decisions with a deeper sense of ease and fearlessness​,​ and playfully investigate core limiting beliefs around self-worth​,​ money​,​ relationships​,​ life purpose​,​ etc.​,​ leading to a life of freedom​,​ passion and joy-infused engagement.

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  • Executive Coaching
  • Life Coaching

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