Mind Coach for Millennials
Akshat K
Akshat K

Akshat Kapur - Mind Coach for Millennials

About the Coach

Hi! I am Akshat​,​ and I work as a coach​,​ consulting philosopher & researcher in the field of practical philosophy & applied psychology. My approach is guided by my research in philosophy & emotional intelligence. I help my clients gain clarity​,​ authenticity and self-awareness to develop a compassionate and growth-oriented mindset. My sessions involve working with personal values​,​ virtues & emotions of the client and synchronizing them with their thoughts​,​ beliefs & actions in a coherent manner.

General Availability

Types of Coaching Offered

  • Creativity/ Innovation
  • Work Life Integration Coaching
  • Vision, Purpose & Goals
  • Communication Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Ontological Coaching
  • Peer coaching
  • Pro bono / free coaching

Offers Virtual Session



    Languages Offered

    • English
    • Hindi

    Industry Domain Expertise

    • Higher Education
    • Information Technology
    • Creative Arts

    Coach's Credential

    • Philosophical Consultant (Trained & Certified by Dr. Elliot Cohen, NPCA)

    Coacharya Affiliation

    • Current Learner

    Highest degree completed

    • Master Degree

    Coach Training Institute

    • Coacharya

    Completed coach training in

    • 2022


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