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Javier Guerra
Javier Guerra

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My 20-year journey with personal development​,​ advanced meditation​,​ and pressing through fear has enabled me to permanently overcome past struggles with ADHD and anxiety without the need for any medication. My spiritual​,​ emotional​,​ physical​,​ cognitive awareness practices and study of intuitive wisdom have been crucial to my transformation and life success. I'm passionate about my mission to help others unleash their potential through self-reflection and action-based practices. To align with my core values​,​ I operate from a foundation of ancient wisdom​,​ emotional intelligence​,​ and an understanding of neuroscience​,​ integrated with ICF coaching competencies and ethics. One of my driving interests in coaching is the satisfaction of witnessing others overcome limiting beliefs​,​ increasing their self-worth​,​ improving relationships​,​ and leading a more purposeful life. Coaching Experience: - Life Coaching - Business Coaching - Teenager Coaching - Executive Coaching - Relationship Coaching - Personal Transformation Coaching Many years studying the world's most successful people and businesses has helped me create and launch multiple companies. I currently serve as Chief Visionary Officer for a multimillion-dollar technology services organization I co-founded in 2016. I volunteer my time as a board member of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board​,​ Team-Culture Advisor; and leading personal transformation groups at City Tribe Church in Downtown San Antonio​,​ as Assistant Lead for non-profit personal success programs in Austin Texas​,​ and various other community initiatives. Looking forward to helping you realize your true potential!!! Be the change​,​ Javier Guerra

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