Need help? No worries. Please browse frequently asked questions below. If you’re still not clear on something, just head over to the contact page and leave us a message. Our team will be happy to assist you. Thank you.

If you’re a client looking for a coach… 

Q: What kind of coach can I find here? 

A: You’ll find coaches with all sorts of specialties like life coaching, business coaching and everything in between. Just start searching and then use the filters to narrow down your choices. 

Q: How much are coaching sessions? 

A: Fees will vary depending on the coach, the number of sessions and other factors. Some coaches offer free / pro bono coaching and others charge upwards of $1000 per session. You’ll find the whole range on this website. Just start a search and narrow your results down based on your price range. 

Q: What payment methods are available? 

A: This site uses Stripe for payment processing. Payment types will differ depending on your country. Major credit cards are accepted regardless of location, and Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted in countries where they are widely available. 

Q: How do I register as a client on Coachintro? 

A: All you need to do is signup and you can start browsing coach profiles. ​​On a laptop or desktop, click on “sign up” on the top right of your screen. On a mobile device, click on the three lines on the top left of your screen and then “sign up.” 

Q: How do I find a coach that meets my requirements?  

A: You can use the search bar on top of the screen to start browsing. Then, use the various filters available on the page to narrow down your results.  

Q: Is it just individual coaching or do you offer group coaching as well? 

A: Different coaches will offer different types of coaching so be sure to use the search filters to narrow down your search and review the coach profile to make sure the coach offers group coaching or any other coaching type you are interested in. If you’re having trouble finding the right coach, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.  

Q: What is the minimum cost of a coaching session? 

A: This depends on the coach. Some coaches offer discounted rates to certain clients and some even offer pro bono coaching to individuals who can’t afford it. Please use the “session fee” filter to narrow down your search based on price.  

Q: How do I ensure I have the right coach to meet my needs? 

A: Most coaches will offer a free chemistry session to ensure that the two of you will work well together. If that’s something you’d like to do, simply ask for it when you contact the coach you want to work with.  

Q: Are the fees different for online and offline coaching? 

A: It’s up to the coach to decide whether to offer differing fees. It’s quite possible that in-person coaching will be more expensive due to added costs of providing that service vs via Zoom. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of coaches I can book at a time? 

A: While there is no limit, this is not something we advise. Working with a coach is a very personal, even intimate, experience. You’ll develop more trust with that coach over time so for the sake of the best possible experience, you should work with one coach at a time. The other reason to stick to one coach is that coaching outcomes may take some time. You’ll build on each session that you speak with your coach so the value you’ll get out of the relationship is higher if you stay with the same person for the duration of your coaching journey.  

Q: Can I book another coach if I don’t like the first one?  

A: Yes, that’s absolutely up to you.  

Q: What is the cancellation policy? 

A: CoachIntro doesn’t take part in individual coaching. Any fees you pay through this platform are not refundable. It’s best to speak to your coach prior to the session to explore options or reschedule.  

If you’re a coach looking to find new clients… 

Q: How do I sign up? 

A: On a laptop or desktop, click on “sign up” on the top right of your screen. On a mobile device, click on the three lines on the top left of your screen and then “sign up.” 

Q: I’m a coach. How do I get listed on CoachIntro? 

A: First, click “Sign up” to register as a user on the website and follow the steps to verify your email. Next, click on “Add Coach Listing” and fill in all the details about your coaching experience. When you’ve finished, our team will review your listing and either approve or come back to you with some questions. Please note that we reserve the right to remove any listings that we don’t deem suitable, at any time. 

Q: Do I need to be a credentialed coach to put up a listing on CoachIntro? 

A: No, you don’t need to be credentialed provided that you have the training and experience to be a professional coach. You may be subject to an additional screening process or interview if you are not credentialed, however. Please note that we reserve the right to remove any listings that we don’t deem suitable, at any time. 

Q: Is there any fee for using 

A: There is a 10% administrative fee for all transactions. This fee is deducted from the money you receive when you are booked / paid by a customer.  

Q: How many clients can I have at any one time as a coach? 

A: There is no minimum number or limit to the number of clients you can take up at a time.  

Q: Can a person from any background / experience list themselves as a coach? 

A: No. You must have undergone accredited coach training or have substantive relevant coaching experience to be considered a professional coach. People in violation of this requirement will be removed from the platform.  

Q: Is there a guarantee of finding coaching clients after I list myself as a coach? 

A: No, we can not guarantee or promise that. is a platform where you can publish your detailed profile and present your professional coaching qualifications to the general public, globally.  

Q: How will the clients contact me? 

A: We have an inbuilt chat system which is linked to your registered email address. If a potential client wants to contact you, you will be notified in CoachIntro and you’ll receive a notification to your email address as well.  

Q: How can I promote myself in Coachintro? 

A: Fill out your coach listing as much as possible so that it’s easy for people to find someone who’s looking for your specific qualifications. Upload a professional photo and introduce yourself with the optional video to stand out from the crowd.  

Q: Is the platform limited to individual coaches or is it available for businesses as well? 

A: Anyone who is looking for a coach may find and hire coaches through the CoachIntro platform - businesses and companies included. In future, we will even provide coaches with tools to make being hired by a business easier.  

Q: Is there a limit to what I can earn from Coachintro? 

A: No, there is no set limit on what you can earn from Coachintro. It all depends on your pricing, availability and success rate for booking clients. 

Q: Is there a way to approach clients? 

A: Not yet, but it’s something we may provide in the future.  

Q: Can I use CoachIntro with my existing clients? 

A: Definitely. CoachIntro is a great platform for helping your clients pay you directly and book sessions with you. The 10% admin fee still applies, however. If this is something that you’d like to explore more with us, contact us. We can offer volume discounts as your “coaching shop front.”