Communications coaching

Hi, I am Saurabh.
I help people and organizations deliver results through coaching, training, and services and consulting in the field of communications.

The breadth of my experience comes from over 20 years in banking, IT, consumer products, business services, and non-profit sectors. For over two decades I have engaged with senior leaders and global audiences in multiple industries internationally at organizations ranging from Fortune 500s to startups and non-profits.

Over the years, I learnt that communication is all about connecting with people — understanding what inspires them, how to help them embrace change, how do they get engaged with their work, how to improve the connection between leaders and their teams. And I learnt that branding is all about discerning what makes one unique, knowing how that uniqueness fulfils a purpose, and then expressing the promise of the brand in a way that it appeals to the people to whom it matters.

Distilling the essence of these experiences and realising that I find it meaningful to touch lives of people through my work, I diversified into coaching. As a coach, I work with individuals to help them find purpose, make an impact, and lead with presence through effective communication and carving out their personal brand.

Working alongside different leadership styles has contributed to my professional growth, and each experience exposed me to practices in different types of organizations and industries, increasing my depth of knowledge, competence, and adaptability. All this feeds into my coaching practice, which is based on the framework of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Executive Coaching
Crisis Coaching
Life Coaching
Business Coaching
Systemic Coaching
Team Coaching
Youth Coaching
Group Coaching
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Current Employer: Own business
Specialties: communications, branding, purpose, clarity